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sustainable tilapia fish skin leather.  suede or glazed.  farm raised, by-product of the seafood industry, luxurious, eco-friendly, exotic leather.  unique and different
Col de Mar
Oyster purse case made using sustainable and renewable tilapia fish skin leather.  Cow leather body, fish skin leather top. unique and different.  earbud, charging cord case holder, tech case, small items as contact case, mints, cochlear. handmade in USA
This unique, different accessory case purse is made using a sustainable and renewable tilapia fish skin leather.  It will hold PPE, facemask, eyelglasses, pens, makeup, costmetics, epipen, insulin pen, crochet hooks, double pointed needles, toothbrush

Welcome to Col de Mar

Col de Mar Sea Leather Accessories is a collection of small leather accessories and handbags, handmade in USA, that focus on quality, uniqueness, functionality, style and compact to solve your daily organized and style needs.

Truly unique, Col de Mar Sea Leather Accessories are made from our sustainable Tilapia fish skin leather. Our signature material is derived from the aquaculture industry which farm-raises Tilapia for human consumption and is then upcycled into a beautiful leather.

Col de Mar Sea Leather Accessories began as a vision to develop a unique line of small leather accessories. Founders Louis and Lisa were determined to create a unique and exclusive product for the fashion accessory marketplace. When they discovered the leather capabilities of Tilapia fish skin they realized it had all the elements they were looking for; a sustainable leather, a new leather unlike anything in the market, with a beautiful natural pattern and texture.

In recent years and with new designs we began working with other intriguing leathers.

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Customer Reviews

Dr. Jim Applegate - Natural Choice Chiropractic

Is your WALLET one of the causes of your back pain? Those of you with heavy wallets in your back pockets...consider carrying only the absolute essentials in one of these. RFID protection, well made, and easy to use.
Purchased: Credit Card Case

Unique and Beautiful

Your items are extremely unique and beautiful!! You both are a pleasure to do business with! Thank you!
Purchased: Credit Card Case and Oyster Purse
Julie D.

Love It

Love the bag, it's beautifully designed and made. The leather is delightfully soft, and pleasure to touch.
Purchased: Black Dots Handbag
Rochelle G.

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