Col de Mar uses various intriguing leathers in its accessory collection.

Leather is a durable and flexible material created by the tanning of any animal rawhide, including fish. Our signature leather and one we began working with is our Tilapia fish leather. Throughout the years and with new designs we started working with other intriguing and exotic leathers such as eel, embossed and printed cow leathers and various snake leathers.

Fish leather

Leather can be made from essentially any animal skin….cow, eel, snake as well as fish. Col de Mar utilizes a renewable and sustainable natural resource - Tilapia - a farm raised fish which, after seafood harvesting, is then up-cycled to produce a distinctive leather. Beautiful natural texture and geometric pattern. Tilapia fish leather is produced with different finishes such as suede and glazed. Our design elements are then created with the complementing finish for a distinctive and unique product.

Col de Mar - Fish Leather Accessories

Eel Leather

Eel leather has its own elegance signified by its distinct pattern and smooth texture. Eel skins are a by-product of the seafood industry and are 150 times stronger than typical cowhide leathers of the same thickness. The hand is undeniably silky and has the strength and resilience to stand the test of time.

Col de Mar - Eel Leather

Cow leather

A natural look and buttery soft texture are the trademarks of this milled nappa leather. Its supple softness is beautifully enhanced by the natural milled grain pattern, making it ideal for products where feel and durability are essential.

Col de Mar - Cow Leather

Embossed leather

A process where the cow hide is stamped or rolled under great pressure to create a design or pattern on the surface of the hide.

Col de Mar - Embossed Cow Leather

Printed leather

A transfer process of a specific pattern that disperses dyes into the leather to create a natural color effect, allowing you to maintain the natural qualities of the leather. At this time we are working with a stingray pattern printed onto a cow leather.

Col de Mar - Printed Leather

Snake leather

Snake leathers are distinctly different with natural simple or complex coloration patterns. Strikingly unusual in color or design, rich, showy and often elaborate. We purchase our snake leathers from USA suppliers protected by Fish and Wildlife regulations and CITES.

Col de Mar - Snake Leather


Design and Development

The natural texture and geometric pattern of Col de Mar Tilapia sea leather are individually unique and distinctive, making each fashion accessory truly one of a kind. Col de Mar continues on the forefront of fashion with its sophisticated collections, its attention to design elements and its color trends.

Col de Mar, based in New Jersey, was founded by Louis and Lisa Strauss. The team researched sea leather, its patented process and technology and continually strives to refine their colors, finishes, and design elements resulting in exceptional new collections of exotic small leather goods.

Responsible Sourcing

We source our leathers from USA suppliers that meet the requirements of exotic leathers from species listed in the Convention on the International Trade in endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, CITES, an international agreement between governments with an aim to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival.


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