It is a story of a new leather accessory collection with an eco-innovative position. The intriguing texture and pattern sparks curiosity and becomes a conversation piece whenever presented. Our total dedication to creating accessories for the individual from a sustainable leather has established Col de Mar as the ultimate fashion accessory.

Eco-Innovative – Sustainable

Col de Mar is an industry leader in bringing a new and eco-innovative, renewable resource to the fashion marketplace. Truly unique, Col de Mar sea leather accessories are made from Tilapia fish leather. Our material is derived from the aquaculture industry which farm-raises Tilapia for human consumption. Tilapia fish is the fastest growing aquaculture crop in the United States and around the world and is the fifth most popular seafood consumed in the United States. Our products therefore utilize a renewable and sustainable natural resource. The pelts are then tanned, heavy metal-free, using sophisticated patented processes, to produce premium fashion leather. With growing awareness of eco-innovation and sustainable new materials, Col de Mar represents a positive connection and commitment for environmentally-conscious consumers and for all choosing to make a difference in our world.

The Col de Mar Story

Col de Mar began as a vision to develop a unique line of small leather goods. Founders Louis and Lisa Strauss were determined to create a unique and exclusive product for the fashion accessory marketplace. When they discovered the leather capabilities of Tilapia they realized it had all the elements they were looking for; a new leather unlike anything in the market, with a beautiful natural pattern and texture and, more importantly, it was eco-friendly. The unique characteristics of this leather lend itself to endless applications in the fashion and home interiors industries.

The Col de Mar Name

The name Col de Mar refers to the colors, resources and inspiration from the sea. “Collection of the Sea”. The word Mar from Col de Mar originates from the Latin word “Mare”, which means “Sea”.

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